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Layers of Light - Outdoor Lighting

Posted by Alafiya Shabbir on Jul 4, 2016 10:23:46 AM



 Light can change a view.

As a follow-up to our earlier post on indoor lighting, we've created an explanation on the different types of lights available for outdoor lighting.

Outdoor lighting decisions combine aspect of functionality, aesthetic appeal, and security, where one fixture can oftentimes serve multiple purposes. Knowing how to identify and combine the different lighting options available can help you take your outdoor lighting projects to the next level.  



Area lights are perfect for site lighting applications, bringing illumination to large stretches of property like parking lots, campuses, neighbourhoods, and more. These are excellent sources of light that are typically mounted on poles or pole assemblies. They can be functional or architectural in design.

Examples: Area Lights, Post Top Area Lights




Whether for safety reasons, or to enhance aesthetic appeal, pathway lights are perfect for illuminating walkways, driveways, gardens, and more. While area and wall lights may provide good general outdoor lighting, pathway lights do an excellent job in highlighting ground-level features.

Examples: Bollards, Step Lights





Floodlights are used for large areas that need a lot of light. These are a super-powerful, super-bright illumination option used for stadiums and arenas, to highlight architectural facets of a building or facades. With them, you can have day-light level visibility even on the darkest of nights.

Examples: Landscape Floods, Stand-Alone Floods


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Illumination does not have to be just practical. Architectural lighting is the perfect combination of form and function, where the light fixture itself can add to the appeal of the outdoor space. For promenades, or upscale parks, it may be more appropriate to pick area and accent lighting that is tailored to the theme and tone of the area.

Examples: Bollards, Multi-Way Lighting, Themed Lights





Advertising billboards or storefront displays are the perfect way to grab the attention of passersby, but tend to lose their effectiveness in the dark. Sign lights are a great way to ensure 24-hour visibility for valuable marketing materials. When choosing sign lights, pay attention to their design and finish – in the daytime, when they aren’t needed for illumination, they can add an extra layer of ornamentation to signs and billboards.

Examples: Arm-Mounted Lights, Linear Fixtures, Floodlights



Useful as both illumination and decoration, wall lights are (no surprise) wall-mounted fixtures that light up entrances, doorways, and building façades. They provide directional lighting, increasing visibility of and around a building or wall.

Examples: Linear Wall Mounts, Adjustable Wall Packs, Industrial vapourproof fixtures





SENSOR LIGHTS            

Ideal for use in security and safety applications, sensor lights can react to both sunlight and motion to tailor where and when light is needed. These lights come with a lot of additional features too: multiple heads, various motion sensing angles, and adjustable heads for flexibility with mounting locations.

Examples: Built-in Sensors, Add-on Sensors


Outdoor lighting decisions are about more than just illumination. Useful, but also aesthetically versatile, different types of lights can be combined to create a well-lit, well-presented facade or outdoor space. 

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