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Illuminate your kitchen with LED under cabinet lighting

Posted by Kamna Mirchandani on Dec 10, 2015 4:52:07 PM

The kitchen is the center of activity in any home. Under cabinet lighting is a great way to enhance the look and ambiance of this busy meeting space. Over the years, LED lighting has become the preferred lighting choice among consumers replacing halogen and fluorescent lights previously used in under cabinet lighting. There are many options in the LED category including puck lights, strip lights and even tape lights that are available in various designs, color temperatures and CRIs. RDA’s LED under cabinet lighting system is a popular choice because:

  • It has a slim design so the fixture easily hides under the cabinet valence 
  • It is rigid, made from aluminum which makes it last longer and dissipates heat more easily
  • It has sleek and unique accessories such as the dimmer, occupancy sensor and 18/2 bell wire connector that facilitate a neat install
  • It is 70% more energy efficient than fluorescent fixtures

LED Puck lights

The puck lights shown in this image create an accent lighting effect with the wave like beam. Objects such as the decorative jar in the corner appear vibrant under those lights and it also adds depth and texture to the backsplash. These lights have a warm color temperature of 3000K.  



LED Strip lights

RDA’s LED strip lights provide a uniform beam of light across the counter creating a seamless appearance for this kitchen. These lights have a color temperature of 4000K which is a whiter light, closer to natural daylight. This gives this kitchen a clean, modern look making it an ideal functioning space for cooking and other work activities. With the dimming option, you also have control over the purpose and feel of this space.  



The choice of materials, colors and textures used in the cabinets and countertops create a clean, modern look and the addition of RDA Lighting’s LED strip lights under the cabinets brings it all together making it a welcoming yet efficient space in your home.


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