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Lightbulb Moments – Security and Perimeter Lighting (Part 3)

Posted by Alafiya Shabbir on Aug 9, 2016 10:19:07 AM

holiday_home_security.jpgNow that you have an idea of which lights (and how many) you need to protect your property, consider if you can improve their functionality with some additional accessories. Being able to see potential threats, and using light as a deterrent are great ideas, but if you are not comfortable enough yet, don’t stop there!

Lights, Cameras … Alarms

Motion sensors, photocells, and security cameras have the ability to elevate the usefulness of your security lighting. Combined with good locks and a building alarm, you’ve got yourself a comprehensive security plan.


A light fixture with a photocell will be able to detect when it’s dark outside, only allowing the light to turn on at night. With the on/off function being automated, you never have to worry about remembering whether or not you remembered to turn them on (or off!). This functionality also helps you save money, because you’ll never use the light unnecessarily.

When buying your fixtures, either look for a light that is equipped with a photocell, or has a photocell allocation so you can add a photocell to it.


Motion Sensors 

Motion sensors can be added to lights near access or entry points, especially those located in blind spots. The light will remain off until movement triggers the sensor, and when it turns on, you will get a visual clue that something is nearby. This is also another great way to make sure that your light is only operating when it needs to be, especially when used in combination with a photocell-equipped fixture. 


Security Cameras
security_camera.jpg Placing a security camera alongside your lights is a great way to monitor the activity around your property. Have your cameras trained on the ‘danger’ areas you identified when you first started your security plan, but make sure they aren’t affected by any unwanted glare from the light fixtures. Some good areas to consider monitoring are: your front door, your back door, windows on the ground level, back or side gates, and exterior entrances to your basement (this list will be slightly different for commercial properties, but the general idea is the same).
In addition to lighting and accessories, a remote-monitored alarm system is a good idea if you need more protection for your property. In the case that the security lights are not enough to deter intruders, or someone did manage to pass through unnoticed, this is a great final barrier to have in place. Alarms will alert you as well as the company monitoring your place to intruders, and will notify the police if it does not get shut off in time. Audible or visual alerts for every entry and exit allow you to keep track of who is entering your property, when, and through which door.
While this may seem like a very obvious suggestion, making sure you have good locks in place will go a long way in barring unauthorized entry onto your property. Keep track of who has all the copies for the key, and regularly check your locks to see if they are still in good condition. It’s the little things that count.

While it may be easy to figure out where all of these things should go, keep in mind accessibility levels. You need to be able to monitor and maintain all of your lights and sensors, but they must be difficult to be tampered with by passersby. When choosing location and mounting height, consider how easy it would be for other people to access the fixture or accessory.

Another thing to keep in mind is visibility. Based on the application, some equipment (like alarms or security cameras) may need to be placed more discreetly than under normal conditions. Think about how much of your security system you’d like to have displayed, and set up your lights and sensors accordingly.



This concludes our Security and Perimeter Lighting series! You’ve now got all the tools to get your security lighting system up and running. If you still have questions that have gone unanswered, or suggestions on what to cover next, comment below or send us an email.


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